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Je ne peux jamais oublier ce jour-là

We had another chorus party today. The theme was our last trip and concert in France. We were entertained throughout the afternoon with the DVD of the concert, which one chorus member and the spouse of another spent a lot of time editing. (Two different cameras were used to film the concert, but at the time, the film shooters had not planned to make a joint DVD.) The hosts are renting a room to a visiting postdoc from France who invited some friends of his, so there was an opportunity for more practice speaking French.

I remember at the farewell soiree of our last trip to France, it had been said that this was the last choral exchange with Assou-Lézert; people had gone way above the call to host us and were burned out. But there definitely has been a change of mood regarding future exchanges. At the last two chorus parties, there has been much talk of how we have to do another exchange to see and sing with our friends again. I'm glad that talk of a future exchange in France is starting up again because I want Assou-Lézert to come back here (and for my chorus to go there). People also agree that we need not to put on such big productions so that people aren't burned out.
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