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Yesterday, folks from my chorus had a "mini-Albi Exchange". One of the families from Albi
that hosted a soprano from chorus and her family came over to visit. There was a bbq at
her place in their honor. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there until 7pm because I had to
work, and it takes a long time to get from work to her place. I did get a chance to see
some people from chorus I hadn't seen since our last concert, and also got to practice
some French. I understood about 90% of what was said to me, and could hold up my end of
the conversation a little. (I might've done better if I wasn't tired. I was up until 2am
on Thursday night.)

Today, I'm having one of my "need an afternoon nap" days. I have a lot to do, however, so
I hope I don't have to give in to sleep until tonight. There's a 'tute alum potluck
tomorrow that I'm thinking about going to, but it will depend on how much I get done today
and how I feel tomorrow. Fortunately, it's on one of my walking routes. I might just
stop by for a while if I still feel tired.

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