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Even though I've been out of work for a week, I still feel quite
busy. Yesterday, I finished the pre-work for the career assessment
that's part of my severance package. The career survey was estimated
to take about two hours but it actually took me almost six hours. Now
I have to make an appointment to see one of the career counselors to
go over the information. I'll probably go sometime next week.

In general, I'm not sure how useful any of this is going to be, but I
suppose I should at least try to go along with the program. I think
my time might be better spent reviewing things that are likely to be
asked at an interview, or relearning things I've forgotten that might
need to be done at a job. This program seems to be more oriented
towards people who are looking to make a career change. Also, they
claim to have job listings that other places do not, but I have
actually seen their listings elsewhere (e.g. craigslist).

In other news, I was able to play Gymnopédie #1 at 66bpm to my
teacher's satisfaction on Monday night. The action of her keyboard
makes it difficult for me to play softly sometimes, and I made a few
other mistakes, but she feels I've basically learned the piece. So
I'll be trying to get Señorita Elisa up to tempo (132bpm) and
then I'll probably start a new piece while getting Für Elise up
to tempo.

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