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I've managed to clear some things off my plate, so I was able to spend some time this evening using a product I bought from Creative Labs to transfer some cassette tapes to hard drive. (You may recall that making tapes from music countdowns and such was one of my passions. As it turns out, these tapes were recorded in 1978, making them 30 years old. It's interesting listening to that music and reminiscing about what was happening back then. It was the end of the school year at Stuy; the seniors were about to graduate; I was in the process of getting ready for my driving test (which I failed, but FWIW, I was driving my grandfather's big Pontiac in an unfamiliar neighborhood).

There has been a TV commercial running lately featuring people who are visited by their future selves. If such a thing were possible, and I was visited 30 years ago by my current self, I wonder what I would think? For one thing, I'd be surprised that I was involved in Internet technology, since I didn't know anything about it (or its precursor, the ARPAnet), at the time. But more importantly, I was planning on becoming a doctor, so I'd be surprised that I changed career interests. (Why I decided to switch is something that I'll cover on its 30th anniversary. There are some other things I will reflect upon in the days ahead, as I'm coming up on quite a few key anniversaries.)

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