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I went to my doctor today to have my shoulders looked at. She recently had a shoulder operation, and one of the things her doctor told her was not to do the strength exercises every day. When I went to the physical therapist two years ago, she didn't put a time limit on the strength exercises, so I've been doing them all along. So that's one thing I'll change – now I'll do them every other day. On the off days I'll do shoulder stretching exercises. I don't need cortisone or anything like that (fortunately). It looks like I can continue dancing, but I have to be careful about partners putting too much pressure on my shoulders.

My doctor seemed to take more interest in my BP and weight, both of which are up from last year at this time. I attribute this mostly to stress from work and not having as much time to exercise. (I don't have the luxury of taking a 2-3 mile walk every day like I did when I wasn't working.) She thinks I should lose about 10-15 pounds.

Last Thursday at the Starlite, during the first waltz, a partner put a lot of pressure on my left shoulder. I tried to adjust, but it started to hurt. I had to stop and try to get her not to hold on so tight. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as the previous Friday. I was able to dance reasonably well for the rest of the night, although when I did a samba with Gita I was a little off. A little later I did a chacha and was able to do the arm stylings (although it was somewhat painful).

Of course now I am starting to have second thoughts about dancing from the time and financial commitment standpoint.
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