gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

hasta la vista

Yesterday was my last day at AV. If you include the time I worked on
Millicent, I was in AV for eight years. Before that, I was working on
the Digital Firewall for Unix, a few doors away from people in WRL and
NSL developing I remember when the first 8400
was brought online.

Before going to the farewell party at the Blue Chalk Café, I drove
by the old location of AV on the Roche complex, where we were during
the winter of 2001 before the economy forced us all to move into the
main offices at 1070 Arastradero. The farewell party was pretty
good. Most people seemed to be in good spirits. After the party, I
walked over to the old WRL/NSL building and then by 529 Bryant Street,
the original home of the AV data center and offices of the original
AV ops group.
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