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I decided to take some dance lessons after all. I'll be starting out with Gail next week. For now, I'll just use the lessons I paid for several months ago but never used.

Last night, I thought I'd go to the Cubberley to see where I was, dancing-wise. Results were mixed again. Like the last time I danced, my left shoulder started hurting while dancing with partners who pulled on it too tightly. However, I had no range of motion loss, so I don't think there was any serious damage. (After taking an Advil a few hours ago, it only hurts a little.) Yet, the discomfort concerns me; I would like my shoulders to be as strong as they were before my RSI problems started. (I don't remember feeling enough discomfort from partners to take Advil before my RSI problems.) So I made an appointment with my doctor to see what she thinks. The last time I saw her, I had the serious impingement in my right shoulder. Since then, when some pain has come back, I've emailed her to ask for advice, but she's never recommended that I do anything besides continue the shoulder strengthening exercises and take Advil if I have pain. But I'm starting to wonder if I should be doing something else. Perhaps I need to see a sports doctor, and/or do different types of exercises.

I also may try riding public transportation once a week just to give myself a break from driving. Since developing RSIs, I've never really felt comfortable driving. I used to be able to drive from the SFBA to LA non-stop and actually enjoyed it, but now I have to make lots of adjustments just to drive to work. The downside is that it adds significantly more time to my commute, especially at night, because there are no buses running from any of the light rail stops to my home.
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