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Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) laid off some members of its nuclear weapons research team recently. There is now a concern that some of these folks may go work in other countries.

I appreciated one of the researchers' comments on how difficult it might be to find another job:

"The specific experience you get doing that stuff doesn't have applications outside that narrow world," he said. "It's not obvious that I will be able to be fully employed."

I'm glad statements like this are being made publicly. It's something some of us in the software world face, because the specificity of what we do can make it difficult to find new jobs if we lose our jobs. It's not a lack of math or science background, as the Bill Gates' of the world put it – it's that it takes time to come up to speed on another (unrelated) sub-discipline of one's field. If only such discussions were held in the US Congress ...
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