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So far, turning off the heat two hours before I'm supposed to get up in the morning seems
to be working. For the past three days, I haven't had a headache. I do feel tired in the
morning, but it usually wears off sometime in the afternoon.

I had a bit of a scare yesterday evening at rehearsal. While singing, suddenly my neck
got really stiff. I don't know what happened – maybe a sudden movement looking down
at my music. Fortunately, those of us who were not auditioning for solos were excused
early, so I rushed home quickly to get information from Kaiser on neck injuries. Like
their other material on RSIs, they have suggested exercises and other behaviors (including
computer use and sleep). I'm doing most of those things already, but I decided to try
sleeping on my back again. It worked last night. I still have a little bit of pain when
I turn my head fully to the right, left, or down, but hopefully I'll be ok. I've actually
felt some stiffness over the last couple of weeks, but I guess I was freaked out last
night because the pain was sudden.

Equinix had a good quarter and positive guidance. I feel somewhat relieved (for now). Of
course, I will feel more relieved when I am wealthy (lol).

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