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PayPal plans to block insecure browsers

As long as I'm writing about fraud, might as well mention that PayPal will be blocking browsers lacking anti-phishing features. Although the Safari browser, featured on Macs and offered as an addition to iTunes, was not mentioned, it lacks those features, so one expects that it would also be banned. I imagine the logic here is that the non-security compliant browsers which are used by the victims of phishing will fail when they attempt to request the legit PayPal page data.

Unfortunately, this will probably do more harm than good to PayPal. Innocent, phishing-aware users will be denied access. They'll just use some other payment method. (I'll point out here that iTunes allows PayPal payments, there are Mac users who like iTunes, Macs feature Safari ... you get the idea.) I imagine some users will boycott PayPal and use Google Checkout (for example) instead. Google can issue refunds for phishing because of its vast financial resources, as they do for click fraud.

These companies don't get it. To fight fraud, you must fight the fraudsters. Team up with security experts who study botnets, etc.
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