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early morning, April 4

I don't remember what I was doing on the day MLK was shot, but I do remember going to a community center on the following Sunday where people talked about it. My family was still living in Rochdale Village at the time. On that day, I remember there was only a little bit of Breyer's Neapolitan ice cream left, and most of what was there had melted. I wanted to get some more, but we had to go to the community center. (Being young at the time, the seriousness of the event didn't quite hit me.)

Some time later, some of my classmates and I recited parts of MLK's I Have a Dream speech in the PS 30 auditorium. I did the last part ("Free at last, free at last ..."). I actually hadn't thought of that in years ...

Sorry haven't read/written much. Very busy and preoccupied.
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