gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

Been really busy, so haven't had much time to read or write. However,
I wanted to briefly comment on my experiences installing and using
iTunes on Vista. I finally got around to doing that, although I don't
own any igadgets yet.

There is an odd clause in the iTunes Store TOS that requires one not
to use the services (or attempt to) outside the US. That seemed odd
to me, since technically there's no reason it should not work. I
can imagine that users would want to buy and download items while
traveling outside of the US, for example.

At installation time, iTunes won't include the album art for items
that were ripped using Windows Media Player that are incorporated into
its library (but it will include it items purchased from Amazon MP3).
You have to login to the iTunes Store to get album art.

There are times when there are errors in the last 30 or so seconds of
track is first loaded into WMP. However, this doesn't happen with
iTunes. I'm not sure if this is the cause of ripping against possibly
buggy WMP software, since I've noticed this problem with tracks that
I transferred to my Palm TX after they were ripped to WMP. (The
tracks were initally ripped as MP3. I haven't converted anything to
AAC yet.)
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