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Shell V-Power gas in my neighborhood has crossed the US$4/gallon mark, and I've heard some
91 octane gas is selling for as much as US$4.65/gallon. The dollar is hitting record lows
against the euro and British pound. Fed "policy" is helping stock prices from falling in
the toilet, but the
buying power of the stock is falling. Even things that are produced within the US often
come from somewhere requiring energy to get to where one can purchase them locally, and
oil prices are going up. This economy sucks, "technical" recession or not.

I'd like to take public transportation to save money, but I can't justify the time. On
Tuesday night, I had to work late (in the office). I wouldn't have been able to do that
if I'd taken public transportation. The buses near work don't run that late, and the
light rail (probably an hour's walk away) runs too infrequently at that time of night.
With the possible exception of the #22 bus, there isn't really anything resembling rapid,
mass transit in Santa Clara county.

On a more positive note, although Y! is fighting for its life in its bid to avoid
acquisition by M$, there's still some things they do that I like. I've enjoyed watching
their new TechTicker, and will try to
make some comments on the news briefs if I have time. Even though one must take some of
what Henry Blodget says with a grain of salt, some the folks he's interviewed have made
some pretty insightful statements, IMO.

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