gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

click fraud up again

According to a recent ClickForensics report, that is. They don't share how they came up with this number (for obvious reasons). I haven't seen a response yet from any of the major search engines; perhaps they're all busy with the proposed M$-Y! acquisition. But they will most likely reiterate that they are filtering out most of these clicks anyway, so advertisers aren't being charged. However, there is the issue of lost revenue from filtered clicks. Some text in a recent Google 10-K filing caused a kerfuffle among investors, as the reduction (filtering) of "accidental clicks" could lead to lost revenue.

I'm glad I don't have to worry about this any more. :) But either way, as the sophistication of online criminals grows, the search engines will have to do something more significant than just filtering clicks they don't think advertisers should be charged for, if they want to maintain their valuations.
Tags: click fraud

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