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  • I was feeling pretty optimistic on Friday night after getting some code to work, so I
    decided to have dinner with my friends. Turns out perhaps I shouldn't have been so
    optimistic, because things aren't quite working as well as I'd hoped (based on more
    testing). Anyway, it was a nice night out. My friends have noted that I seem more
  • In the spirit of continued optimism, I went dancing on Saturday night. Results were
    mixed. (Granted, it has been a couple of months since I've danced.) My left arm started
    hurting while dancing waltz with one partner. I'm not sure what the problem was. With
    partner (chacha), both arms started hurting, but that was because she was pulling my arms
    down too
    tight. Things seemed to go better afterwards with partners whose frames were generally
    better. The dance floor (Cubberley) wasn't crowded. Maybe everyone was gone for the long
  • I spent most of my time the rest of the weekend on taxes, and completed them. Go me.
  • There's some buzz about "accidental clicks" at G that may result in lowered earnings,
    and renewed debate on IPv4 address shortage on NANOG. I don't have time to cover it now,
    unfortunately. (But I'm glad not to have to worry about click fraud.)
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