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Today I took my Palm TX with me to listen to the French lesson CDs I ripped to an SD
card while riding the bus and light rail. It worked out reasonably well. OTOH, a slight
delay at the I-880 northbound offramp to Tasman caused me to miss the #77 bus. This
happened once before, but I thought I might still catch the bus if I ran to the bus stop.
Unfortunately, as I was running, the driver pulled away. Fortunately, I can take the #66
bus from the Great Mall/Main transit center to the Oakland/Brokaw intersection, and thence
walk about a half mile to the office. So even though I missed my bus, I was able to spend
the time walking productively, and made it just as the next #77 was pulling up to the

There are still lots of annoying little problems with building these open source
programs. The NetBSD images booted up fine, and I was able to build a NetBSD VM fairly
easily, but the install script didn't take me through the networking setup, so I had to
configure it by hand. Afterwards, I had to install some binary packages, but the installs
failed because the primary NetBSD site offers IPv6 and IPv4 DNS records (in that order),
but pkg_add didn't try the IPv4 address after failing to connect via IPv6 (although ftp
does that when run by itself). So I then had to change the pkg path to use the IPv4
address of I thought that would take care of the problem, but then the
file transfers started hanging. After ftping some things manually revealed that transfers
over a few MB were hanging, I switched to a mirror and was able to complete the package
installs. Now I have build issues with quagga

My grandboss was down at our site all day with a couple of the European country managers
(who I unfortunately didn't get a chance to meet, because I was so busy, thus losing a
chance to practice some French). He stopped by my cube to chat with me about my
progress. I didn't want to sound negative, so I just remarked that I was going through
the learning curve and that the most challenging part of the job thus far has been getting
the open sourceware to build. We then talked a bit about the development work I'll
eventually be doing. I need to spend some time thinking about how I'm going to improve
the existing codebase, but I haven't had a chance because I've been so busy with these
builds. I hope this doesn't mean I'll have to miss more chorus rehearsals.
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