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Now that I've survived the first two weeks of work, I have a bit of a sense of what life will be like for the next few months. There have been a fair amount of meetings of the new-year-goal-setting type; this will probably drop off some. Otherwise, I've mostly been reading code and documentation. I have also played around with the code for one project, made some small changes, and done a few builds, just to get an idea of how everything works. It may be some time before I make major changes; my boss wants to bring me along slowly and carefully. (BTW, here's a timely Slashdot thread on how to quickly come up to speed on a new codebase.) He mentioned the possibility of sending me to BGP classes. Since some other people in the group have taken similar classes, if the opportunity comes along, I'll take it, but I wonder if I can be just as productive setting things up in the lab.

In the meantime, there are lots of things to read. One of the team members suggested that I join the IETF idr working group. At present, it's not very active; most of the recent posts have been spam. Possibly, most of the people who would otherwise post there are engaged with the new routing architecture work I mentioned some time ago. I'm still following 6man, the main IETF list and NANOG. NANOG can be a very high-volume list at times, and I fall behind if I don't read it for a couple of hours. I enjoy most of the topics, and most of them are relevant to my work, but I will probably have to be somewhat more selective.

As far as non-work stuff goes, I think I'll be able to continue singing in the chorus, although I may miss some rehearsals. (If we perform in Belmont, I'll probably miss those gigs, because the traffic is too bad to drive there from where I'm located in San José, and I'm reluctant to leave work early after having just started.) However, I probably won't be able to take regular dance lessons. I may be able to take an occasional dance lesson if it's not too late in the evening, or it's on the weekend (and there is nothing else pressing going on). I don't have time to practice piano during the week at all (that time is pretty much lost to commuting and such), but I've been able to maintain my piano and walking routine on the weekends.
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