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an early "net" chain letter

While looking for something else (a subject for a future post), I stumbled upon a chain letter from 1982. At that time, chain letters were forbidden, but as the saying goes, rules were meant to be broken. For those of you who weren't around back then, see if you recognize anyone you know, amidst all the funny email delimiters and unqualified host names. (This was pre-DNS, pre-RFC 822 standardization, etc.) If you were around back then, see if you can find yourself. Bonus points for anyone who can find people in the chain letter who are on LJ now.

You can find the originator of the chain letter at the bottom. I remember him. The "UC" designation stands for "User Consultant," given to student volunteers helping people in the old EECS terminal room (38-344, I think). I had started a few months earlier, and was still learning my way around campus computing, networks, etc. I hadn't started my UROP yet; hadn't even met anyone in the LCS group. In fact, I was still somewhat undecided about what my major was going to be at the time. (Not a good idea for someone in his junior year.)

[Update] Just found a complaint about the chain letter.
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