gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

another interview

By src:

  1. What do you miss most about living geographically outside the
    MIT community? Is there some particular local feature that
    makes up for it?

    Hmmm ... I was more attached to the surrounding area than the
    campus, per se. I suppose I miss most the bike paths and
    parks along the Charles, the Esplanade, etc. Shoreline
    Park in Mountain View is somewhat like that.

  2. If you could go visit a world/place from a science-fiction
    book, and return whenever you liked, where would you go and
    from what story or book? Would you still go there if you
    weren't sure that you might be able to return?

    Hmmm ... it's been a while since I've read sci-fi. If fantasy
    fiction is allowed, I'd like to go (in the Silmarillion) to
    the Isle of Númenor at the beginning of the Second
    Age. I'd still go even if I might not be able to return.

  3. Suppose you're given a 3-month paid sabbatical from work
    on the condition that you be actively engaged in learning,
    preferably a hands-on skill. What would you do?

    By hands-on, do you mean building something physical? I've
    never been much into things like carpentry, home remodeling, etc.
    In my upcoming "paid sabbatical" (read: unemployment with
    severance pay), I'd like to learn French. I probably won't be
    continuing with dance lessons. The jury is out on whether
    I'll be continuing with piano lessons.

  4. Who is your favorite little kid (yours, if you have any, or a
    relative's or friend's) and what do you like about him or her?

    My cousin Dar adopted a baby girl named Kaiya a couple of
    years ago. IMO, she is very cute. Lots of other people seem
    to think so, as whenever she is out (e.g. at a restaurant),
    people seem to be drawn to her. She also seems to have an
    interest in rhythm and possibly dance.

  5. What do you think is your must unappreciated or most rarely
    noticed good quality (that you wish others would appreciate
    or notice more often)?

    I wish my (soon-to-be) ex-employers appreciated my analytical
    skills more, particularly when it comes to planning for
    contingencies, future expansion, etc.

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