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My Equinix interview has been scheduled for Friday at 9am. I have four half-hour interviews: one with the director, the others with team members (including the guy who did my phone screen). I'm not at my best at 9am, unfortunately.

The offices are not too far from the Great Mall of Milpitas. It's possible to take public transportation there, but it's two bus rides (or longish walks) with about a 40 minute VTA light rail ride in between. Should I be made an offer (and take it), I suppose I should take PT at least some of the time. Not only is it the green thing to do; it's probably at least as fast during rush hour. However, it might be a challenge to get to my Tuesday night chorus rehearsals on time. (It's also a bit too far to drive at lunchtime to the Starlite, so afternoon lessons are out.)
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