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debate on computer programming careers

Why a career in computer programming sucks, and a rebuttal.

In a followup posting of Half Sigma's, someone wrote a response that resonated with me, especially the part about a lack of people with a middle-ground attitude towards the profession.



Nov. 30th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
I'd say that, overall, the types of software written in the aerospace industry probably cover the gamut of software written in other industries. Flight software is somewhat specialized in that rad-hard processors are many generations behind what you or I can buy for our homes and there are often complex timing issues for critical data (particularly for satellites in orbits which give them limited contacts with ground stations). But there is also a lot of software written for ground systems, not to mention business applications (e.g. earned value management). Simulator development is a huge area, too.

The issue is not usually perceived as competition with other industries as an absolute shortage and most of the discussions I've been in are focused on how to get young people to consider math / science careers in general. There is, of course, some competition with the IT world, particularly for more researchy type jobs, but there is some belief that a lot of software types are not willing to work in an environment that requires security clearances.

In terms of solutions, they tend to be things like funding for scholarships. There is also a lot of interest in encouraging more science / math awareness in K-12 as a long term solution.

And, alas, there is a lot of whining and wailing without any action.

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