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Yesterday was one of those "I need an afternoon nap" days. Europeans may get a bad rap
for non-productivity (as compared with nations where workers only have a midday meal
break, if that), but AFAIK, they've got it right. I feel better after I've slept and am
usually more productive. I don't know much about US preschool education these days, but
when I was in {pre-,}kindergarten back in the mid-1960s, we had nap time.

I think I know what is causing my RSI problems. My Dell notebook keyboard is not raised
at an angle with respect to my desk. The screen also is not at eye level (unless I read
everything at the top of the screen). That's causing strain on my neck and shoulders. I
will probably buy some kind of notebook stand, but I need to visit some stores to actually
see the products in person before buying anything. There's lots of information online,
but I don't quite feel comfortable buying something without trying it out first.

Speaking of Europe, I've noticed a few people who do what I want to do professionally left
the US to live in Europe or Asia. That dance teacher I mentioned before thinks I want to
work somewhere in the South of France and that I'm holding out for something like that.
Consciously, I don't think so. (For one thing, I don't speak the language well enough.)
But if the opportunity presented itself, I wonder what I'd do ...
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