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I was at rehearsal yesterday evening when the quake hit. It didn't feel that serious to me. I was surprised to hear it was a 5.6. So far, I haven't seen or heard about any damage.

Most of the solo auditions were held at the rehearsal. I was surprised when some of the sopranos sung the solo parts an octave lower. I guess I can understand why, seeing as the highest note in one of the solos is an Ab above the treble staff. OTOH, if any of them do the solos, I think it will be difficult to hear them sing far below the treble staff above the chorus, especially in some of the places we perform where the acoustics aren't that good to begin with.

As part of prep for a phone interview later today with IronPort (now part of Cisco), I have been reading about Spamhaus, SORBS, and some of the other spam blacklisting services. Due to lack of time, I haven't been able to keep up with the anti-spam world. I wonder how some people are able to be actively involved in anti-spam efforts as well as IPv6, running DNS root servers, etc.
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