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Elwell v. Google, Inc.

This is another lawsuit filed against Google, this time by Christina Elwell who claims discrimination. A disquieting aspect of this suit is that over the course of the incidents that prompted the lawsuit, she miscarried, losing three of her children. The case has gone to arbitration, as per a court ruling that the employee agreement Ms. Elwell signed requires such disputes to be settled by an arbiter.

I think it is reasonable to assume that people who might otherwise want to work at Google might have second thoughts after hearing about this. Other companies seem to have figured it out, with regards to HR policies, and are still able to be profitable while allowing their employees to be creative and productive. I attribute this sort of thing to the "inexperienced management" discussed in the court proceedings of Reid v. Google, Inc. A company that wants to manage the world's information should invest some time and money to train its HR managers in industry-accepted HR policy, IMO. Such training will aid them in attracting and retaining a world-class workforce. I wonder how many people have decided not to work for Google, at a time when they are asking the US Congress to grant more visas, because they can't find enough people?

In case you're interested, commentary from Rocky Lewis, a pregnant (at the time) business owner of, an Internet marketing company.
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