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The earliest Internet worms

Yesterday, I was searching the IENs (Internet Experiment Notes) looking for some information about early network assignments (I'll write more on that later) when I happened upon an IEN I hadn't noticed before, IEN 159. It is an abstract for a research paper on the first Internet worms. (There is a link from the Wikipedia entry to the actual paper.)

As many of you are aware, Internet worms today distribute spyware, adware, and other types of malware, including fraudulent click generators. In my arguments about click fraud, I gave examples of how the danger of worms had been known since at least 1988, which was the year the Morris worm was unleashed. I wish I had been aware of this paper (or remembered that it existed), because it would have provided further proof of my claim that the underlying architectural problem for click fraud was known from the earliest days of the Internet. (Not that anyone listens to or cares about what old fuddy-duddies have to say.)