gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

While I was typing on my laptop a couple of nights ago, I realized that I was pressing my feet into the floor hard enough to cause some pain. It seems as if when I use computers, I am more stressed than usual. The stress goes to some part of my body. I need to be more aware of this so I don't cause myself any more injuries.

Some time ago, I mentioned that I might join an IETF working group. As it turns out, it was a good idea to avoid the geopriv group, because some controversy has spilled over onto the main IETF mailing list. I also mentioned the pcn group, which is closer to my interests in congestion avoidance, but lately I've been thinking that there is not much of a business case for that type of work right now. It's primarily an academic/research topic. However, I've participated a bit in a discussion the main IETF list about IPv6 migration. An existing IETF WG is being rechartered to cover issues related to the migration, so I may participate in that. If I actually get seriously involved, it is sort of betting that there will be enough paid work when IPv6 migration becomes a necessity for me to get some of that work. So even if I don't find something right away, perhaps getting ahead of the game will help.
Tags: career

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