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I haven't posted much about dancing lately. Gita and I have been working mostly on rumba since I've been back from my trip. My other teacher (Gail) and I were working on tango until about a month ago, when during our lesson some east coast swing music was playing, so she asked me if I'd like to take a break and do a quick swing. This break has turned into relearning a lot of swing. The foot positions in the new (DVIDA) syllabus are much different than what I'd previously learned. I tried just doing some basics at a Thursday night party with one of the teachers, and had a lot of trouble.

I found out today that I will run out of lessons before the medal ball in December. I had originally planned to do the medal testing, and possibly do a routine as well. But it's looking like I will need more time for my job search/prep. I haven't gone to any parties in the past three weeks, because I've been participating on the IETF discussion list (a big thread about IPv4 exhaustion and the lack of IPv6 adoption). So I told Gita today that I may just let the lessons run out rather than sign up for new ones.
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