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While looking around for more interview stuff, I discovered Philosophical Geek. He posted a lengthy description of his Google interview, including some interesting advice. By the time you read this, my comments may have been approved. I'll just briefly remark that I have never really understood the point or purpose of memorizing algorithms.

Anyway, there was something else he wrote that I've been thinking about over the past few months. I think that your typical Googler is a much different person than I am in terms of what we value and aspire to do. I say this in a noncondescending manner – Googlers whose blogs I've read seem to be "in love with their creations" in ways that I generally am not. Some of the friends I've had in the past were like that, but I wasn't – I tended to gravitate more towards analytical projects. So this statement from PG's post really struck me:

"That (Google) is a very nice place to be if you love coding."

For the last few months, some people, probably unintentionally, have been making me feel guilty because I am not really enthusiastic about Google. If Google continues to contact me for job interviews, I'll follow up, because I am unemployed, but in reality ... I don't think it is wrong to realize that you are not the right fit for a company; it is not a poor reflection on your character, or that you're not trying, or anything like that. It's just that there are other things you aspire to. I know lots of people who use Google's services, but are happy doing the things they like at the companies they work for.

Perhaps I'll write more about this later; it's time for bed now.
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