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Unfortunately, I have to leave soon, so I only have time for a quick
update. In response to some things I've read lately, I find it
interesting that there are people who are able to function better
under pressure than when things are calm. I have a lot of trouble
functioning under pressure and I prefer to be able to plan things so
that I won't have to. An analogy I found useful was how former 49er
QB Steve Young described his maturation process in the NFL. After a
while, he was able to relax and let plays develop. Things "slowed
down" to the point where he was able to see the entire field, so
instead of having to rush a (usually poor) throw or take a sack, he
was able to find an open receiver or run for yardage. Not too long
ago, there was a thread on sci.math where a poster was having trouble
with math in general and needed some advice. One thread contributor
said that he noted an ability of some mathematicians to "slow things
down" to the point where they could understand them. I liked that
description and its similarity to Steve Young's.

Anyway, I am somewhat jealous of people's abilities to function well
under high pressure, especially the ability to do extremely well
academically. This ability would have come in very handy while I was
a student. I sometimes feel like I lost out on some career
opportunities because I didn't do as well as others. Logically, I
know this isn't true; there are lots of people with super academic
credentials who are unemployed. But I can't help feeling that way

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