gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

No Cloudmark interview yet ... the interviewer never called me. After a hour's wait, I called the recruiter, who told me he'd just received a message from the interviewer that he wasn't able to contact me. Something about getting my answering machine. The phone never rang while I was waiting (except for me testing that it actually worked with another phone). So it's been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

I read one of their white papers last night, and it's pretty interesting. While I'm somewhat skeptical about how well their system would perform if used on a global basis (a lot of it depends on the trust of partners to report spam), they've given a lot of thought to how they'll tackle the problem. Also, they're willing to be open about their general approach, which is a plus for me. If nothing else, it's given me a glimpse of how things could be for me, with good preparation and a little luck.
Tags: job search

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