gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

I started learning Linus and Lucy today. I decided to learn the difficult part first. There are 17 measures of swing rhythm that will take a fair amount of time. The difficulty comes from needing to come up with reasonable fingerings, and some two-against-three rhythms. There is also a very odd chord notation at the beginning of the swing section – an E9 chord, in a four flat key signature where the E-flat actually appears. No E in the bass, or implied by any of the other notes in the measure.

I've been thinking about a conversation I had some time back with a female friend. I was telling her about another female friend who'd lost about 80 pounds, but was unhappy with her weight, so she gained it all back. She's been happy with her weight ever since, AFAIK. The friend I had the conversation with didn't believe it – she doesn't believe that a woman can feel comfortable at a weight "society" would consider overweight. I'm wondering if she would benefit from meeting some women (and men, perhaps) who've worked with fat acceptance. Perhaps, but I doubt I will bring the subject up again, and I don't know if she would pursue such an activity on her own.

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