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Earlier today, I got email from a recruiter at Akamai who will contact me for a short phone screen on Monday. So at least they will talk to non-local people. I also heard from a recruiter at Cloudmark, a small anti-spam company in SF. He passed my résumé on to the development group, so we'll see what happens.

An observation about recruiters: some, after I've sent a copy of my résumé along with an online application, ask me to send another "updated" copy. I'm not sure why. It could be that they see an employment gap (none since early 2006), but it doesn't make sense for someone not to send the most recent copy of a résumé initially. Also, several have asked me if I am still at Nominum, although the résumé says I am not. Perhaps what they see is the result of résumé-summarizing software. If so, this software is buggy. There was a time when people actually read résumés; I guess that's just too 20th century.
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