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I only have time for a quickie update because I have to get up early tomorrow, but wanted to let you all know that I arrived in Cassis on Thursday evening. The trip was long and mostly uneventful, although there almost was a screwup with my luggage because the checkin attendant didn't have the full route of my trip on his computer. If I hadn't asked whether all my luggage would go directly to Marseilles after the first bag was checked in, my baggage would have been sitting in Frankfurt (the first leg of my trip). Fortunately, the attendant was able to retag the bag for Marseille, although I had to wait to be the last person to board the plane before the retagging took place.

More later ... Oh BTW, when logged in from here, I'm getting a French language experience. Parts of the homepage and the My LJ page are presented in French. I'm not sure if this is due to the requesting IP address or the browser having a French configuration. Kind of an interesting question for those interested in geo{targeting,location}; what is the "correct" language experience that I should get? (Ha ha -- recall past comments I've made about how geotargeting is not guaranteed to work properly.)

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