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An internal M$ email was recently posted comparing Google to M$. Some things caught my eye:

  1. A first-level manager may have over 100 (!!) direct reports.
  2. Google employees need to claim their 20% time; their managers will not do it for them.
  3. There isn't much of a career development plan.
  4. You might have a cube, but you might also work in a hallway or at a "work" station.

BTW, I haven't heard back from G yet; not sure whether or not that's good news. In the past, when they've rejected me, it's been within a day or so of the phone screen.

Some folks from my chorus had a party last night at the home of the couple whose home I'll be visiting in Cassis. Our director wanted to talk to me about my interviews. I acknowledged that they were stressing me out and we moved on to discussing a possible concert tour in China. Later on, the host told me that the director wanted to apologize to me, but I never found out what for. (Maybe she realized I wasn't comfortable talking about interviewing and the general stress I sometimes feel about not working.) A few days ago, someone else from my chorus asked me what would happen if something was scheduled during the time I'll be away (like an interview or perhaps even the start date of a job). I said that I doubted I'd get an offer that soon, but there's a possibility that I might have to do an interview while I'm away. I don't feel comfortable answering some of these "what if" questions (and also feel somewhat envious of people who's careers are in order so this sort of thing isn't an issue).
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