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The interviewer from the big G never called me. I waited an hour. That's all I can do. I can only make myself available to the company; I can't make the company contact me. No one can accuse me of not trying.

I've read examples of this sort of thing happening. There was a guy whose interviewer was late, and when he finally called, said he only had a few minutes to interview him. He wanted to know what the candidate thought the company's problems were, but argued with him when he gave his responses. The candidate had, as one might expect, reservations about expressing objections about how G does business, not being an employee yet and wanting to come off as a team player. If/when something like this happens to me, I'll probably say the most serious issue at the moment seems to be communication with the public. People like the technology, but are concerned about issues such as privacy and censorship. But when G has been contacted about such issues, no one is available for comment. Sometimes press releases, announcements, or blog posts are made in response, but there is a feeling of unease with regards to the timeliness and quality of the responses.

Oh well. As the date of my trip gets closer, I won't have as much time to focus/concentrate on an interview. This afternoon was perhaps the best opportunity for something to happen. It didn't, and it's not my fault.
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