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I swam today

This wouldn't be such a big deal, except I haven't gone swimming in at least fifteen years, as far as I can remember. I did ok for the most part. I was able to swim across the pool, tread water for about a minute, and dive to the bottom (8 feet). My right shoulder (the one that had the serious impingement) felt fine while swimming, but my left shoulder hurt a bit. I think I'll be ok for my trip, as long as I take it easy in the water.

There was a time when I could swim a mile (in open water), or tread water for a half hour, and think nothing of it. However, those days are gone; probably forever. I don't envision that I will ever spend the time necessary to bring myself to the point where I was when I was a teenager. I probably spent as much time swimming then as I do now on piano. Truth be told, if I'd had the opportunity, I would have rather learned piano instead of swimming. If I could convert the time spent on swimming to piano practice, I'd probably be good enough to accompany my chorus, at least.

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