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Yesterday was my chorus' annual retreat. I caught a cold about a week ago, and was still hoarse at rehearsal time, so I was hoping I wouldn't have to sing my Plenty Good Room solo. But the director wanted to rehearse it, even though I said I would like to pass on the solo because I had a cold and didn't want to sound poor. Perhaps she thought I was just joking, or being modest, but she wanted me to sing anyway, so I did. It didn't go that well. At least I got a little joke out of it.

It was a great day, overall. The weather was sunny and warm, not unlike some days we've had at the hostel where it was cold and damp. A lot of people talked about the upcoming trip to France and some other trips they were planning during the summer. We closed with a baby shower for the wife of one of our new tenors. The shower featured a piñata. I think this will probably be one of the most memorable retreats, which is fitting as the hostel management may be closing it down soon.

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