gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

Yesterday's piano lesson was interesting. I arrived to witness the
previous student, a young girl, crying, and my teacher admonishing her
grandmother that it was important for her to have regular practice
time. The girl would very much like to play My Favorite Things
at the upcoming recital, but my teacher doesn't feel she's ready for
it yet.

In my lesson, I was showing how much work I'd done on
Señorita Elisa. I had worked very hard on the last few
measures, which have some syncopated rhythms and other rhythms that
span the top and bottom staves. I was feeling pretty good about
getting the rhythm down, but my teacher wanted to focus on some other
things. She came up with a fingering different than the one I'd
devised, and a relation of the fingering to a harmonic analysis of
that section that I hadn't really thought about. Also, she spotted a
mistake I'd made earlier in the piece that is repeated throughout. I
had just kept playing through the mistake because it fits the idiom of
the music, at least to my ears.

Having a private instructor has given me a lot of food for thought
about some things. I am starting to understand how it is that some
people can be so much better prepared for certain types of study than
others, even if they have the same amount of intelligence and are as
disciplined. (Keep in mind that I didn't have any kind of private
lessons when I was a child; most of what I learned, beyond what was
covered in school, I had to figure out on my own.) This is important
because it teaches independence and self-reliance, but can also mask
some problems that someone might have in a situation where there is an
expectation of knowledge or skills that have not yet been developed.

This relates to something I wrote earlier about my high school
experiences. Unfortunately, I have to head off to chorus, so I can't
continue this line of thinking right now.


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