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Last night, I learned the first couple of dozen measures of the hustle routine Gita has reworked. So it looks like I'll go ahead and learn the rest of it with the intention of performing it at the March showcase. If I run into a problem with time, I'll just postpone it until later. Perhaps there's still the opportunity to do the routine during one of the Starlite dance parties.

I haven't heard back from our accompanist about other available piano teachers yet. I found a local music school with Russian teachers and sent them email, but haven't heard back from them either. I'm considering possibly taking a break from piano lessons until after we get back from Albi. Over the next few months, I'll be quite busy with concert/trip preparation, the upcoming showcase, not to mention job hunt, exercise, and such. Perhaps piano doesn't fit into that equation right now. If I pay attention to what I'm doing, especially making sure not to injure myself when learning something new, perhaps I can go without a teacher for a few months.

In general I have the feeling that I'm spread too thinly already.

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