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Apropos this comment to jessiehl about 6.001 prereqs, I decided to hop over to Stanford's CS department site to see how their class sequence compares to the 'tute's. On a page for students thinking of majoring in CS, they suggest that students who have some programming experience start out with the discrete math class before taking the core CS class, in order to gain a more holistic view of CS. So it's not unreasonable to think that some students might benefit from discrete math before a core CS class, especially if the discrete math class fills in some problem solving gaps.

Most of the math I learned at Stuy was taught in a reductionist manner, rather than a holistic one. This would explain why I was so frustrated as an undergraduate (and somewhat as a grad student) by my inability to reason about some CS topics in a way in which I'd had success. At the time, I couldn't really articulate my struggles the way I can today. When I discussed this with others, I usually got responses such as "CS is kinda mystic." In some cases, people just expressed their disgust with the CS dept for one reason or another.

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