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interconnection coincidence?

There's a longish thread over at mitmit from an applicant about what the 'tute is like, etc. I have a bit of a subthread going with pwaa, who has radiaperlman as a friend. Turns out this is the Radia Perlman, author of Interconnections Second Edition. I'm reviewing sections of the book right now to help bring me up to speed on things I will need to know to get a peering coordinator job (or a router software development job, for that matter).


Nov. 18th, 2006 08:23 am (UTC)
"Fairly recent grad" is probably the operative word here - things change over time, and as the instructors change.

18.901 used to be taught by Munkres, who was really nice and would never give someone a D unless they like, didn't show up to class and didn't do the homework - but even then, he'd probably try to find them (if he could) and try to get them to drop the class, because he'd figure they were signed up as a mistake.

I didn't have Munkres (though I had him for 18.904), but I had a really nice young teacher for 18.901. I had to miss a class for my AMP recital, and I asked him ahead of time what I was going to miss. I didn't even know he knew which student I was, but after the class I missed, he sent me email to let me know that he was wrong about what I'd missed, that he'd covered a different piece of the material.

18.101 was rumored to be an easy math class when I taught it - and probably historically had been, but the semester I took it, there was a new instructor. She taught from a book called From Calculus to Cohomology which started with cohomology (don't ask - I still have no idea what that is). The first lecture was totally incomprehensible. I dropped the class within two weeks. Most of the rest of the class dropped it too. The handful that were left at the end all got A's and B's (but they deserved them - they also spent hours and hours looking all the terms up in books that the teacher assumed we knew - the only prereq for 18.101 is 18.100 which didn't teach that stuff).

So, my guess is, the guy who got the D in 18.901, either he got a really tough/crazy teacher that semester, or he was dumb and didn't do the minimum amount of work (going to class, doing homework - possibly because he was taking to many other classes) and also didn't do well on the exams (likely as a result of not doing homework or going to class). Profs are less sympathetic to students whose face they've never seen.

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