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interconnection coincidence?

There's a longish thread over at mitmit from an applicant about what the 'tute is like, etc. I have a bit of a subthread going with pwaa, who has radiaperlman as a friend. Turns out this is the Radia Perlman, author of Interconnections Second Edition. I'm reviewing sections of the book right now to help bring me up to speed on things I will need to know to get a peering coordinator job (or a router software development job, for that matter).


Nov. 15th, 2006 11:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the clarifications, and I hear you about 6.001 - those projects took me hours and hours too.

My problems (or at least, the ones that make me touchy) are that I'm in a major stereotyped as easy (9), and I have a very low (C+ average) GPA. It is quite true that in general 9 does not have a heavy workload, but that's because nearly all the grade in many classes comes from a couple of high-stakes tests, which works pretty strongly against me, as I seem to test quite poorly (before MIT I didn't believe in the concept of "testing poorly even if you understand the material", because it didn't make sense logically, but now I've experienced it). I suspect that the grading for 9 is pretty medium, with B or B- centering in most cases, but I'm also competing against premeds who think that the world will end if they get a B.

I know that I work hard, and I also know that my grades are poor (though they're shaping up to be pretty good this term, which incidentially is also the first term I've had where most of my grades were heavily based on something other than tests). And I also know that there are a fair number of students running around who think that you have an "excuse" for getting low grades if you're 6/8/16/18 (I've often used 18 as an example of a major that has a more hardcore reputation compared to mine than it deserves, and you might agree, but most people don't), but that if you're in 7 or 9 or what have you and you're struggling, there's something wrong with you.

And that's my more or less full disclosure as to why I overreact to stuff like this. :)
Nov. 15th, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC)
Heh - yeah, even in so-called "easy" majors I believe there are classes that are hard, and that majors are stereotyped "wrong" in lots of cases. I'm glad it's getting better for you in 9! (I also don't test well - in fact, in one of my 21M classes, I got 25% on the one exam in the whole class, when the class median/mode was 100% - but I still managed to get an A- in the class because the teacher was nice enough to base the grade on things other than the exam - and the upper-level math classes don't tend to be exam-based either, plus if it happens to be a really hard class, it's easy to drop it and still finish the major on time because there are so few requirements - I dropped 18.101 in a semester when it was taught by a postdoc who decided to impress everyone by being completely incomprehensible and making the class infinitely more high-level than usual - out of 40 people who enrolled, I think about 10 of them finished the class).

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