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I found out yesterday that a guy who I used to work for many years
ago at SRI died last month. He was one of
the best managers I ever had. One thing I liked about him is that he
was very good at keeping us engineers out of management politics so
we could get our work done. I found out from him a few years later
that he was very stressed and unhappy during that time (sounds
familiar?), and wound up resigning.

Anyway, those of us who worked for and with him who are still in the
area are going to get together in a few weeks to have a small memorial
for him. It's kind of sad that we don't get together more often, but
many of us are busy (and stressed, and burned out, and some unemployed
or in fear of same).

A little excitement at my apt complex yesterday: a fire in one of the
laundry rooms and a storage room. It was caused by a power line that
fell on top of a covered parking area (which also covers laundry and
storage rooms). My car was parked near the storage room. I saw the
sparks and the initial flame, and thought about running out to move my
car before the fire dept came, but then I heard their sirens and
figured it probably wasn't a good idea. Fortunately my car was ok.

Just a few random thoughts ...

My piano lessons are going ok, but I wish there was a way that
I could learn more efficiently. It takes a long time for my hands
and arms to do what my mind wants them to.

My bolero routine is about half learned. Assuming life doesn't
intervene, I think I can learn it in time for the showcase in March.
After that, I'll probably stop taking dance lessons until I find a
new job. I think I'll miss taking dance lessons.

Reading about all the MIT students enjoying IAP in mitmit has made me
feel kind of sad. I know I shouldn't feel sorry for myself,
but I wish my experiences at MIT had been more pleasant. However,
I generally enjoyed IAP.

I would write more in my journal, but if I did, I would have less time
for other things, such as practicing piano.


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