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Oct. 25th, 2006

I had my first piano lesson in almost four months yesterday. I played Skating (well, attempted to, anyway) for my teacher. This was the first time I'd played it on an acoustic, and her keys are somewhat roughened up, so I had some additional problems to the usual ones I have playing it. After I finished, she gave me an exercise to play the thirds using my thumb as an anchor. She gave me another thirds exercise a bit later. She also showed me a couple of alternate ways to play one of the glissandos that gives me a lot of trouble. The long and short of it is, it's good to have a teacher again, because I suspected that there were easier ways to do certain things, but I didn't know them yet.

We won't be meeting every week for a while, so I may be able to use some of the money that was allocated for piano lessons on dance lessons. I'm sort of reluctant to pause my dance lessons just yet, since I'm learning and making progress. OTOH, I may need the time for some of the other things I've recently discussed. *sigh*

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