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sedated in the 80s

I only got a 62.75 on the 80s music quiz, which made me frustrated.

I wasn't too thrilled that I missed some songs I really liked. There was a time when I would have done much better. (Although as the 80s wore on, I listened to more rhythmic top 40 than pop top 40, so there were some songs I didn't know. However, I can remember lots of other rhythmic top 40 songs from that time period.)

So why should I be frustrated by some little quiz? It is basically a metaphor for what I'm going through now. There are things I did well many years ago that I don't remember any more. Stuff I mentioned before, like linear algebra, queueing theory, BSD Unix networking code, etc. I'm going to have a phone interview later this week that I can't practically prepare for because there's just way too much material to cover. I can't squeeze 20 years of experience into a few days.

Oh well, I might as well do something useful, like finish learning Gymnopedie #1.