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Facebook job screen

I had a phone screen with a Facebook recruiter earlier today for a position in their network engineering group. They have many interesting projects to support their network infrastructure including datacenter architecture, connectivity, and automation. The screen had two parts – one in which the recruiter asked me some general questions about past jobs and my current activities, and another consisting of directed questions. The questions were generally of the same nature and difficulty as those in this NANOG thread about interview question suitability. I don't remember everything that I was asked, but I made some mistakes. Also, in some cases, I said I could not remember the answer, but would be able to give the answer if I looked it up. The recruiter was nice enough to say that it's expected that I wouldn't be able to answer some questions, because it's been a while since I've worked with these things on a regular basis.

As always, we'll see what happens. I think I could have done better. Everything I was asked is something I have been familiar with (at least) at one time – it's just that I didn't remember some things.