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I haven't written much lately on the subject of click fraud or other types of unwanted traffic. However, a couple of recent news items crossed my path recently:

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: HBS Professor Sues Google
Click-Fraud Rate Holds Steady in Q3 - Seeking Alpha

The first refers to Ben Edelman, who I've written about in the past. His claim is that Google is making a good deal of money through AdSense off of typosquatted domains – domains with common misspellings that people register to capture clicks (and/or impressions) on ads placed on them. The second is part of ClickForensics' regular reporting, which notes an increase in the amount of botnet-related click fraud activity.

I am glad that Ben Edelman has decided to pursue this. As a long-time member of the Internet engineering community, he understands fully how the protocols work and how they can be subverted. IMO, he is well-equipped to represent plaintiffs' concerns. The ClickForensics results don't really surprise me – I am just waiting to see if advertisers will reduce their bids, especially now since thanks to the recession that "experts" say isn't one, people are cutting back on expenditures.