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In the following video that was featured on Yahoo! TechTicker, Sarah Lacy encouraged people to click on ads.

Granted, the subject of the video is display advertising, which is generally paid on a CPM, rather than CPC basis. However, given the continual problems with click fraud, I'm surprised her words and tone were not more careful. (For example, it would have been more appropriate to encourage people to buy products that are advertised on the web.) Furthermore, encouraging ad clicking is a violation of virtually all of the major search engines' and ad networks' ToS.

I had a chance to read a little of her latest book on the "next generation" of Internet entrepreneurs. The entry on Jay Adelson, who some former AVers may remember as being part of the PAIX, covers his experiences as CEO of Equinix. I can relate to his feelings of despair from struggling to keep things going at Equinix.